Whirlwind ‘Tripp’: Zemmer student breaks school track record

Call her Whirlwind ‘Tripp’ from now on.

At a track meet on Monday night against Kearsley, seventh-grader Tori Tripp beat the Zemmer Middle School record for the 800 meter run. To put some context around how fast she is, consider this: Tori’s time of 2:28 would have qualified her for the state HIGH SCHOOL track meet last June. (In fact, it would have been eight seconds faster than the final qualifier.)

The record at Zemmer dates back to the 1980s.

Tori’s coach, Denise Johnson, called her performance “awesome,” especially in light of the fact that her time beats most of the high school 800 meter times you read in the newspaper.

Awesome job Tori!

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5 thoughts on “Whirlwind ‘Tripp’: Zemmer student breaks school track record

  1. It is a honor to be your aunt. I am proud of your athletic ability but I am even more proud of the person you are! You are an exceptional young lady and it is great to see that Lapeer Schools knows how lucky they are to have students like you. I love you. Aunt Cindy

  2. Tori:
    You are an amazing young lady! Fast, yes, but with an even quicker mind and bigger smile.

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