A pair of hard working staff members at Schickler honored by CARS 108

A pair of staff members at Schickler Elementary were recently paid a surprise visit by Rod and Steph from CARS 108. The radio station frequently honors school employees that demonstrate drive and commitment to students.

From CARS 108:

Rod and Steph’s teacher honor placed the spotlight on Nancy Abeare and Pam Yelle’s first grade class in Lapeer. Nancy and Pam were nominated by a parent who had some very nice things to say about these two ladies.

Both of these ladies exemplify passion, love and trust to every child.

Nancy is a teacher and Pam is a paraprofessional. Click here to submit a nomination for another great employee who deserves similar recognition.

This is the second time this year the station has honored LCS employees. Earlier this year, Lisa Loachridge at Seaton Elementary got a surprise visit and some nice goodies for her class.

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