‘Time to shine’: Lisa Loachridge selected for Teacher’s Honor Roll on CARS 108

Lisa Loathridge reads to students the text of her nomination for CARS 108's "Teacher Hall of Fame" recognition. She is wearing her "conference glasses," a not-so-subtle reminder to students not to interrupt while she is in conference with other students.

This morning, Lisa Loachridge was taken by surprise as Rod and Erin from CARS 108’s Mornings with Rod & Erin visited her 5th classroom at Seaton Elementary. While the visit may have been a surprise, no one in the building was surprised that Loachridge was named to the radio station’s “Teacher Honor Roll.”

Annettee Stoutenburg, Seaton’s secretary, nominated Loachridge late last year for the honor. Stoutenburg told the station that both her children had Loachridge as a teacher and both remember her as their favorite.

“Even though they have totally different personalities, she is able to accept each child as an individual,” Stoutenburg wrote. “She is always doing for others without wanting any recognition. It’s her time to shine.”

The students were excited to be recorded on the radio cheering for their teacher as the honor was announced.

Congrats to Mrs. Loachridge on her time to shine!

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4 thoughts on “‘Time to shine’: Lisa Loachridge selected for Teacher’s Honor Roll on CARS 108

  1. Way to go Lisa!! You are an excellent teacher to each one of your students. You are also a supportive colleague that goes above and beyond! Thanks for everything you do!

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