Reminder: Transitions for Tomorrow Town Hall scheduled for tonight

Lapeer East High School will host the Transitions for Tommorrow Town Hall Meeting tonight at 7 p.m. Superintendent Matt Wandrie and his leadership team will be holding the forum in the auditorium to discuss the recent strategic plan proposal that was presented to the Board of Education on February 16.

The meeting is open to the public and will give community members the opportunity to be engaged in the process. Anyone in attendance will be able to submit questions to Superintendent Matt Wandrie regarding the recent proposal.



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3 thoughts on “Reminder: Transitions for Tomorrow Town Hall scheduled for tonight

  1. While it is commendable that the Superintendent and his leadership team are making themselves avalible to the Citizens of Lapeer to discuss the future of our schools, I can not help but question the thought process that was used to schedule it on the same day and time as the Lapeer East vs Lapeer West Basketball games!

  2. I am applauding the focus on the future. I must say, however, that I find some of the parents unable to focus on the “goal” which is our children’s future. It doesn’t work to say “We do NOT want to redistrict now and again in a few years,” then say “No wait, if it is my school that is getting closed then re-district now and then again in a few years!”

    Each child in each school is important. It is sad and frustrating that Seaton and Maple Grove may be closed, but those funds will go back in to the children’s education. And, lest we not forget, with the re-purposing of Turrill, ALL of those students in K-3 will be displaced and re-districted as well, and those students who live on the borders… We all need to work together to make this district an excellent one.

    Just my two cents…

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