A message from Matt Wandrie: ‘A great district is comprised of great people’

Matt Wandrie talks about the recent decision of the Board of Education to close Seaton Elementary at the end of the school year and the upcoming K-12 restructuring plan.


7 thoughts on “A message from Matt Wandrie: ‘A great district is comprised of great people’

  1. I am sad to hear seaton is closing, but i do understand what this district is facing with enrollment decline. I still find it very sad that a newer school building with air conditioning and plenty of open property will sit empty. I hope that the school district can find an innovative way to someday use this building. I grew up in oregon township and went to seaton as an elementary student. This school and the neighborhood surrounding it has produced some of the best athletes and successful adults. I wish the staff at seaton a great future in the lapeer school district, beacuse you do make a difference!

  2. What is the building plan if student numbers rise in the next few years? What is going to be done with the closed building/buildings. I am concerned that once a building is closed it will never be reopened. History has shown this happening in districts across the state.

    What is the reasoning for keeping city schools open and closing rural schools vs changing the boundaries for these particular schools. I am not a big believer in large elementary schools.

    1. Jean —

      Much of this will be discussed during Superintendent Wandrie’s restructuring presentation at the next board meeting.

      One major issue in the case of Seaton is the size of the building. It is by far the lowest capacity building in the District.

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