97 strong: Kudos to all of our fall season scholar athletes

Board member Gary Oyster took time out of his member comments Thursday night to congratulate 97 LCS high school athletes who had a 3.5 or higher cumulative g.p.a. during fall sports season.

At Thursday night’s regular meeting of the Lapeer Community Schools Board of Education, board member Gary Oyster asked everyone in attendance to take a guess at the number of LCS varsity letter winners that had a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or higher.

Had someone guessed 97, they would have been right on.

What an unbelievable accomplishment for our student-athletes! Congratulations to all of them.

LCS Scholar Athletes

Lapeer East High School

Laila Al-Ghanem, Cross Country
Alexander Apfel, Tennis
Aubrey Bayer, Swim/Dive
Jacob Bonesteel, Tennis
Eric Bontrager, Soccer
Dominique Burke, Cross Country
Kala Cousineau, Swim/Dive
Megan Culbert, Golf
Ethan Deroso, Soccer
Brennah Donahue, Cross Country
Gibson Finch, Football
Matthew Frank, Football
Amy Gaylor, Cross Country*
Daniel Gildner, Cross Country
Andrew Gonda, Soccer*
Laura Goodnow, Volleyball
Hannah Hastings, Swim/Dive
Tyler Hearns, Football
Alexander Henson, Football and Soccer*
Kelsey Jarvis, Cross Country
Ryan Johnson, Soccer
Lindsay Kile, Swim/Dive
Alec Kluck, Tennis
Morgan Kopacka, Volleyball*
Nicholas Lucchesi, Tennis
Blake Ludwick, Tennis
Erin Madding, Cross Country
Jennifer Mausolf, Swim/Dive*
Allyssa Mazur-Batistoni, Cross Country*
Oscar McCully, Tennis
Ian McHardy, Tennis
Andrew Olson, Soccer
Schyler Perkins, Cross Country
Josef Perry, Football*
Sabrina Pflanzer, Cross Country
Sarah Phillips, Volleyball
Joseph Pillars III, Football*
Jenni Putz, Cross Country
Colin Robertson, Cross Country
Duncan Rowley, Soccer* and Football
Maranda Rutkowski, Swim/Dive
Meaghan Saelens, Volleyball*
Austin Schihl, Tennis
Emily Shallman, Swim/Dive*
Elaine Smith, Swim/Dive
Michael Smith, Tennis
Justin Townsend, Tennis
Jenna Vierk, Volleyball*
Matthew Wagner, Tennis
Brandon Warren, Tennis
Natalie Werner, Cross Country
Zackery Whatcott, Soccer*
Nicholas Willis, Tennis
Troy Willmer, Soccer
Paul Woloszyk, Football
Nathan Yacks, Football

Lapeer West High School

Jeffrey Acton, Tennis
Stephanie Anderson, Cross Country
Chantelle Barbera, Swim/Dive
Molly Brown, Swim/Dive
Shannon Brown, Volleyball*
Kathryn Carlson, Golf
Victoria Carlson, Golf*
Gina Cavanaugh, Cross Country
Garret Clements, Soccer
Daegan DeBono, Soccer*
Kevin Essenmacher, Football
Spencer Ferrell, Soccer
Caleb Fielder, Soccer
Craig Frazee, Football*
Anna Gwyn, Volleyball
Gage Harris, Tennis and Cross Country
Justin Harris, Tennis
Zachary Hendrick, Cross Country
Thomas Korleski, Football
John Kovalick, Soccer
Joseph Lange, Tennis
Marisa Liburdi, Volleyball
Geoffrey Maier, Football
Jeremy Maier, Soccer
Victoria Martindale, Cross Country
Miranda Menosky, Swim/Dive
Chelsea Miller, Golf
Michael O’Brien, Cross Country
Cody Perkins, Football
Jacqueline Richards, Cross Country
Trevor Schalau, Soccer
Steven Smith, Football
Maddison Smith, Volleyball*
Brian Stover, Tennis
Sean Sullivan, Soccer*
Kody Thornton, Cross Country
Jevon VanWagoner, Soccer
Megan Verbeke, Swim/Dive
Shelby Wagner, Volleyball*
Nicholas Williams, Cross Country
Lindsay Yateman, Golf*

* Denotes all-league honor


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