Musical Mentors: High school students lend a hand with band beginners

Elementary band students get some on-the-job training from musician mentors from East and West high schools.

On Tuesday, September 27, 5th Grade students from across the district gathered at Zemmer Middle School to rent or purchase instruments to use for 5th Grade band. The students were very excited to see, hold and play their instrument for the very first time, but something even more exciting was happening that night.

Over 25 high school students from the Lapeer West and Lapeer East bands were on hand to mentor the newest members of the Lapeer Band family. Working together with the beginners in the band room, the veteran band members donated their time to teach the beginners how to assemble their instruments, how to hold them correctly, how to form their embouchure and how to produce a sound on their instrument. They also taught them how to handle and care for their instrument. The room was full of smiles from students, parents and band directors as the high school students applied the knowledge they had gained from their experience in band and were able to pass that on to the beginners. It was a remarkable sight as the students became the teachers for the night.


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