Lapeer West’s Links Program featured in Lapeer Area View

One of our district’s greatest success stories, the Links Program at Lapeer West, was featured on Thursday in the Lapeer Area View.

Here’s an excerpt from LA View:

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a mental disorder that impairs behavioral, social and communication skills in those affected by it, and it carries with it a 24-hour struggle for everyone involved. A few years ago, a group of students with ASD were being “bullied mercilessly” in middle school by other students. Today, those same students are making friends, excelling in their classes and setting an example for their classmates at Lapeer West High School.

This program is the culmination of the great work of problem-solving students, teachers, parents and support staff in the Lapeer Community Schools. It is our hope that Links will be the model for school districts across the state.

Make sure to click the link to read all about this great program. Links has changed many lives and helped to cultivate a more positive learning environment through relationship-building.


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