Like her beloved students, Tammy Berry was ‘born to sparkle’

Late last night we received the news that Tammy Berry had passed away. We, like many of you, are stricken with grief over the loss of this wonderful friend and colleague. For any staff or students who need someone to talk to, the District has mental health therapists, counselors, psychologists and social workers who will offer support during this very difficult time.

For those of you who did not know Tammy, she started in the District in 1999 and served as an elementary teacher at Irwin-Schickler, Attica, Lynch, Murphy and Turrill. Most recently she served with the staff at Lapeer Virtual Partnership. 

Once we receive funeral arrangements for Tammy, we will share them with all of you.

Until then, we will leave you with something Tammy wrote three years ago to the graduating class at Lapeer High School. This is a small window into the person she was, and why she was beloved by so many:

Hey Seniors, 

Remember when you were five and I was your kindergarten teacher?  I had my little puppet Zero the Hero? I read to you my favorite book, Stephanie’s Ponytail by Robert Munsch? Remember when I told you to look at the doughnut and not the hole in life? To never give up and  that if you believe in positive outcomes they will happen?  Right now I know you are being pushed to your limits. But this I know, you were born to not just shine but sparkle. This situation is not going to break you- it will help shape you. This too shall pass.  I look forward to the day I can hug each one of you again. I will holler a joyous, “Congratulations!” I was honored to be your first teacher.  I am eager to see the great things I just know you will go on and accomplish. 


Your Kindergarten Teacher

Peace and love to the family and friends of Tammy who, like her beloved students, was “born to sparkle.”

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