LCS Board Votes to Return School Improvement Bond to Ballot Following Narrow Defeat

LCS Board of Education Special Meeting: August 10, 2022

On Wednesday evening, the Lapeer Community Schools (LCS) Board of Education convened for a special meeting to discuss next steps related to the most recent school improvement bond proposal. After discussion, the Board voted unanimously to re-submit the proposal to appear before district voters on November 8, 2022.

The specifics of the proposal, which failed by 57 votes out of more than 11,000 cast on August 2, will remain largely intact from the original version. If the bond passes, the current tax rate would reduce from 2.75 to 2.65 mills and the District would maintain the lowest tax rate among the county’s five public school districts. 

The zero-tax-increase proposal is a continuation of the current millage rate (with a slight decrease) for nine additional years. Passage would allow the District to address both long-term and critical needs that have accumulated over the years since the last successful bond proposal passage in 2007 (also a zero-tax-increase bond).

This bond would provide approximately $44 million in funding for improvement projects across the District (increased security, new paving, roofs, heating and cooling improvements, etc.). 

“For us, this is a second chance to make our case to the voters in the District,” said LCS Board of Education President Summer Putnam. “The District has critical needs that require significant funding that cannot be achieved without the approval of voters. We need everyone to fully understand the size and scope of our needs.”

On August 2, nearly 5,700 voters approved of the proposal, the largest number to support a bond proposal in the history of the District. 

“We were so close to meeting so many of our long-overdue facility needs, we feel like we have to make one final push,” Putnam said. “It’s really now or never.”

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7 thoughts on “LCS Board Votes to Return School Improvement Bond to Ballot Following Narrow Defeat

  1. Hello
    I really think the biggest problem / reason you had for not passing was the yard signs were confusing to a lot of people. At first glance it looked like it was telling us to vote “No” for no new taxes. You will need to make the message more clearer for the voters.

  2. The board needs to get a better message to the public. The recent message was very confusing to the voters. And most importantly, get out and vote!

  3. I think a lot of people just don’t vote in the summer! They are out of town And I agree the signs were very confusing with the elderly people who didn’t understand the message you were sending ! We can get done in November just need more people to help get the job done!!

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