December 16: Message to Parents

Parents – 

We have been made aware of a troubling new social media challenge that has been circulating on the popular video-sharing app Tik Tok in recent days. Regrettably, this challenge encourages young people to make threats of violence against local schools. 

It is important to understand that there have not been credible threats made to any schools in Lapeer County as a result of this social media challenge. That said, as we have stated in the past, we have a zero-tolerance policy for threats made against any student, staff member or school. Even threats that are made in jest are neither funny nor tolerable. They cause a tremendous amount of anxiety in our schools and place an undue burden on our building leaders.

We need your help.

Please monitor the movements of your children online and encourage them to report anything of a threatening nature to a trusted adult at school. It’s simple: See something, say something.

Finally, please make it clear to your students that the consequences for making threats, of any kind, are going to be more serious now than ever before. There have been numerous examples in recent days of students facing serious criminal charges for making threats against schools. 

A united front against threats of any kind is what is required at this time, and we really appreciate your assistance.

Together for our kids,

The Superintendents of Lapeer County

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