December 15: Informational Meeting on School Safety

In the aftermath of the tragic event at Oxford High School, we have been hard at work identifying ways to improve the overall health and safety profile of Lapeer Community Schools. As threats evolve over time, we must remain vigilant to keep our schools safe. This requires a process of consistent evaluation and re-evaluation of our security infrastructure and procedures. This process is already underway.

With that in mind, it is also important for everyone to be aware of the physical and procedural tools that already exist in the District. We are fortunate to have numerous security assets in place to promote the safety of our students and staff, including:

  • • Secured entrances
  • • Three uniformed officers assigned to our schools
  • • Social and emotional support available at all schools
  • • Lockdown and Secure Mode drills at all schools 
  • • Emergency action plans at all schools 
  • • Secure drop-off and pick-up for students
  • • Frequent in-school training for local law enforcement agencies

With all this in mind, we will hold an informational meeting on school safety at 6 p.m. on December 15 at the Lapeer High School auditorium. This will be an opportunity for parents to hear directly from Superintendent Matt Wandrie, City of Lapeer Police Chief David Frisch and Lapeer County Sheriff Scott McKenna. We will discuss the safety and security processes we currently have in place as well as plans for the future.

This meeting will serve as a reminder to our entire community that the District will continue to work collaboratively with our local law enforcement agencies to ensure the health and safety of students and staff remain in the forefront of our thinking. 

Please send questions and/or topics of interest to Jared Field, at, so that we can provide as much relevant information as possible

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2 thoughts on “December 15: Informational Meeting on School Safety

  1. Parents pay attention to what your children are telling you if their having issues and are depressed about things that take place at home, or in the class room. I think this would help if we become better listeners to what our kids are telling us.

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