Letter to Parents: December 5, 2021

Parents –

On Friday, more than 40 members of the District’s administrative staff convened for a full day of collaboration focused solely on the health and safety of our students and staff. It was an incredibly valuable day of constructive feedback aimed at strengthening the overall health and safety profile of the District. 

We know many of our students, staff and parents are still dealing with anxiety stemming from last week’s tragic event at Oxford High School.  As we return to school on Monday, please know that we are more committed than ever to ensure we have the resources in place to keep our schools safe. 

In the coming weeks, we will announce plans to accomplish the following:

• Active shooter preparedness training for all students and staff

• More frequent secure mode and lockdown drills

• Broaden the physical security footprint at all schools

• Improve awareness of students and staff regarding safety procedures

• Improve access and awareness of mental health and wellness supports for students and staff

As we have said in the past, we take threats very seriously in this district, as do our law enforcement partners. We have long embraced the school resource officer model which focuses, first and foremost, on building relationships with students and staff to ensure potential risks are identified early on. We are fortunate to have a close relationship with our local law enforcement partners. We will continue to work as a team to ensure that everyone in our schools feel safe and supported.  

We are all in this together,

Matt Wandrie – Superintendent

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13 thoughts on “Letter to Parents: December 5, 2021

  1. Thank you for your hard work at this critical moment in time. These precious young people are the future of our community, our country, our planet. I am eternally grateful to our schools and public safety officials.

  2. I agree with the metal detectors, but I must say I’m grateful for how lapeer schools have handled things and kept us notified every step up the way. Thank you for that.

  3. I agree 👍💯 no better how prepared the schools are and how much they practice safety procedures how will anyone ever know when someone brings in a gun or a weapon of any kind in their backpacks? It’s really sad but with all this going on metal detectors might be our best bet as ridiculous as it is.

  4. We need a parent /staff meeting. You have to show us your plans for keeping our children safe. This HAS to happen!! Our kids dont even have windows to jump out of. Thos is on you and we as parents need to be.a part of this!!!

    1. Right! No windows in some classrooms and equally scary is some classrooms don’t even have a DOOR. How will this stop a shooter? Can you imagine no barrier between a murderer and our children?

  5. As we witness more and more of these heartless criminal acts in our schools through out our country, it may be necessary to consider this for every one’s safety.

  6. Thank you for excellent response to the current events we just had. This was nice to see before thie kids return to school Monday. Not all things can be predicted or prevented. As a parent I am pleased to see the immediate response the Lapeer Sxhool district has taken and if any help is needed let parents know who would love to volunteer in your efforts. Thank you

  7. How can we prepare and practice safety measures for the next shooter, (we all know there will be another) if some of the classrooms don’t have a door to close between the children and the person with an active shooter? I’m referring to Schickler elementary, specifically, but there are other schools.

  8. y’all needa give the kids more than just a day off hall taking this like it’s not even scary my daughter crying rn bc im forcing her to get up and go to school but i’m not gonna take her why are the kids coming back today this is messed up

  9. How do you say you have a school safety plan that provides no real safety for students and staff without saying you have a school safety plan that provides no real safety for students and staff?

    The Matt Wandrie school safety plan.

    No metal detectors. No bag checks. NO SAFETY.

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