Veterans Day 2021: Thank a Veteran Today and Every Day

National holidays like Veterans Day serve an important purpose in the social and cultural life of our country. They stand as annual reminders of who we are, and who helped make who we are possible. And while this annual reminder is important, showing our appreciation to the men and women who have served our country in uniform is something we should do every day. 

When you encounter a military veteran in your daily life, take a moment to say thank you. Look them in the eyes. Shake their hand. This is the least we can do to acknowledge the sacrifice they have made to defend our nation in good times and bad. 

This morning, Jim Smith, a former school employee and Navy veteran, wrote about members of his family who served in World War II. He said they inspired him to enlist in the Navy in the Vietnam era, “when it wasn’t really popular to serve.”

It is men like Jim that we honor today, even as he honors the men who inspired him to serve. 

So, thank a veteran today and every day. Raise a flag today in honor of their service, and keep it raised to remember that freedom is free but not cheap.

Happy Veterans Day to all who served and those who today stand in harm’s way to defend our nation. 

Matt Wandrie – LCS Superintendent

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