County Press Features LHS Junior Connor Martin, Published Author

Connor Martin, LHS junior

The Lapeer County Press published an awesome feature of Lapeer High School junior Connor Martin, who has recently published a book he wrote when he was just 14.

This is an incredible accomplishment for a young man. If you would like to support Connor by picking up a copy of his book, you can find it on Amazon at the following link: Connor Martin’s Shard.

Make sure you read the entire feature to get some insight on the book’s plot and its author.

From the County Press:

Connor Martin always wrote little stories when he was younger. It was a good way to channel an active imagination and became a hobby for him. A few years ago, he had another idea for a story, and he jotted down some notes. From there, he created an essay, and then spent some time nurturing that essay into book form — all at the age of 14.

Now 16, Martin has the pleasure of being a published author. His science fiction novel, Shard, came out this summer, and is available currently on Amazon. He is expecting it to be available through Barnes and Noble soon as well and would like to look into getting it in local community and school libraries.

Awesome job, Connor! You have a bright future!

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