Return to School Update for August 10: Lapeer County Public School Districts

As we inch toward the return to in-person instruction for the majority of students in Lapeer County, the leaders of the County’s six public school districts and the Lapeer County ISD will continue to work in cooperation with the Health Department to ensure a safe start to the school year. While the Pandemic has taken its toll on all of us, our goal is to bring students back into a safe and comfortable environment this month – and to keep them there. It is paramount that our students return to school for in-person learning and to ensure that opportunity is available whenever and wherever possible.

With that in mind, we have put forth a joint plan for the least-disruptive return to school for our students. Please bear in mind that, as from the beginning of the Pandemic, there may be changes to this plan moving forward based on the status of the virus as well as any potential mandates or legislative changes at the state level. Our desire is to communicate a consistent message to ensure our approach moving forward is sensible and concise.

Return to School Procedures

ComponentOur Approach
MasksRecommended, but not required in schools. Masks are required on school buses.
Social DistancingRecommended wherever possible, not required. 
Screening/TestingNot required. Parents are encouraged to check students for symptoms daily. Click here for our daily screening tool.
ReportingKnown cases among students and staff are still required to be reported to the District. The District will publicly report all school-associated probable or positive cases of COVID-19 on the district website here.
Symptomatic IllnessAny student who is sick with symptoms of any infectious disease must stay home.
VentilationVentilation systems in buildings will operate within original design specifications. We will continue to keep windows open on school buses, whenever possible, to ensure proper ventilation. 
Contact Tracing/Isolation/QuarantineDistricts will continue to do contact tracing in collaboration with the Lapeer County Health Department. Parents will have the option to quarantine students identified as close contacts. 
CleaningStandard daily cleaning protocols using products approved by the CDC to mitigate surface transmission of the Novel Coronavirus.

If there are updates regarding COVID-19 health and safety requirements, we will communicate those as necessary. For our district-specific COVID-19 student procedures, click here.

Thank you for your cooperation,

The Lapeer County Superintendents

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3 thoughts on “Return to School Update for August 10: Lapeer County Public School Districts

  1. Why is so hard to find a simple 2021 school start date?

    There’s like 15-20 Lapeer school Web-Sites alot of talk of what to do an watch for Covid, on an on ……. .

    but NO school start date?

    Please publish a Date………simple

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