COVID-19 Update: All Students to Transition to Remote Learning for Two Weeks Starting Thursday, April 22

Parents – As we have communicated on numerous occasions, our goal throughout this pandemic has been to remain open for in-person instruction until local conditions dictate a course correction. Unfortunately, we have arrived at that point.

Due to the continued increase in positive COVID-19 cases and quarantines, the District will transition to remote learning for all students (E5K-12, GSRP, Tuition Preschool, and ECSE) starting Thursday, April 22. Students will return to in-person instruction Thursday, May 6, 2021. Students will utilize Google Classroom and Zoom sessions during this time.

Since April 5, we have experienced a total of 87 positive cases of COVID-19 in the District. Making matters worse, as of today, we have more than 900 students in quarantine – about 20 percent of our student body. As an example, Zemmer has nearly 40 percent of its student population quarantined. A similar percentage are quarantined at Rolland-Warner. This number of students on quarantine makes the challenge of balancing in-person and remote instruction very difficult for our staff.

The impact of cases and quarantines are not limited to a particular grade level or building. Unfortunately, all our buildings are feeling the strain of the virus and the reality of the moment is unavoidable.

Athletics will remain in place during this time and will follow the existing schedule for practices and competitions, as well as mandatory health and safety guidelines. Any changes to athletic scheduling will be communicated at a later date.

We will have transportation for students who participate in Ed-Tech programming, AP testing, and make-up testing for PSAT, SAT and M-STEP. That information will be communicated to parents directly. Chromebook distribution for students in grades K-5 will take place at the building level as needed.

It is our hope that this two-week pause of in-person instruction will allow the District time to get our numbers under control and shore up our staffing in order to have a successful final two months of school for all students.

Please continue to wear masks, especially while indoors and ensure students aren’t gathering in large groups, unmasked, during this pause. It is vitally important for students to adhere to this guidance so that we can return to in-person instruction as soon as possible.

In the meantime, please ensure that your student takes home anything they will need during the two-week pause, including course materials, instruments, technology, etc.

We will continue to evaluate the status of the virus locally as we prepare for our return to in-person instruction on May 6.

Thank you for your continued support and patience.

Matt Wandrie – Superintendent

Important Information for Pause Period

K-5 Remote Learning Plan

6-12 Remote Learning Plan

Testing Information: You will receive information regarding testing (AP, SAT, M-STEP and make-ups) from your child’s school. Students in quarantine cannot attend testing make-ups next week. Transportation next week is only for students needing to make-up tests.

Special Education Programs/Services: These will be available and arranged by the Special Education Case Manager and/or Service Provider as outlined in the students Contingency for Learning Plan and/or IEP.

Kids & Company Childcare: Childcare for current Kids and Company students as well as LCS Staff will be available. Please contact Kids and Company at 810-667-2454 to make arrangements.

No-Cost Breakfast and Lunch Information

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15 thoughts on “COVID-19 Update: All Students to Transition to Remote Learning for Two Weeks Starting Thursday, April 22

  1. What a disappointment, Gretchen got her way after all. If it’s so bad why did you allow students to start On Monday? If it’s so bad, why are you having them go back on Wednesday?

  2. You quarantined all these students that don’t test positive and the ones that do aren’t that sick. All your staff should be vaccinated by now, if not it’s their decision to be in that environment. I think this superintendent and school board is being way too paranoid and it might be time to replace all of you.
    Absolutely no reason to go back to remote learning.

    1. I couldn’t agree more but they didn’t publish my opinion because I said Gretchen got what she wanted. It’s going to take the parents standing up and not being afraid!

    2. You are an idiot. Quit playing politics regarding your flawed logic man. We aren’t ever going to get better with people like you and your view point. Grow a brain.

  3. Why would you send the Ed Tech students face to face if the entire school is going virtual. Ed Tech students are being exposed to students from multiple districts not just one.

  4. Thank you for changing to remote learning!!!! My husband is a local physician and I a nurse and we’ve been praying school closes in order to help stop the spread in our very sick community. Is healthcare workers are sick of watching people die and unfortunately kids are carriers to these people who are dying or getting extremely sick! Thank you thank you! Please consider shutting down longer if need be. I can confirm even today our healthcare leaders were shaking their heads today at the number of positive kids in this county and the fact school has remained opened with all of these positive cases. Thank you for putting the communities safety first.

    1. I agree 100%! I am a nurse at a hospital in Genessee County and we are at capacity with covid. My daughters have been worried about being in school. The pauses of in person learning has helped lower the number of cases in the past. I agree it’s the right thing to do.

    2. I am a pharm tech in a hospital this virus is blown way out of control keep our kids in school Keeping them home is only hurting their education and depriving our kids of being kids everybody needs to stop being so paranoid and move on

    3. Couldn’t disagree with closing down schools more and I also am a “frontline worker” dealing with this plandemic keep our kids in school !!!!

  5. Close for two weeks but allow sports in the building? Have them go tomorrow before the shut down? 😑 yes, I can’t wait to send my child to a building that will be quarantined and full of germs for one more day…. way to go Lapeer!

  6. Am very curious as to where “Gretchen “ fits into this scenario…. really? Did she single out the Lapeer district for shutdown? Guess I missed that. Our district should be commended for trying so hard to keep our children safe in spite of this constant criticism.

    1. Gretchen fits in Because people are dumb and listen to her and the utterly asinine stuff coming out of her mouth

  7. I believe if all academics are shut down, then all of the sports and any other schools functions should also be terminated for two weeks. Makes NO sense !!

  8. Weren’t teachers given priority to receive the vaccine as far back as February and early March? Teachers wouldn’t have to quarantine if they received their vaccine. But it appears that a majority still refused it based on how much it is still affecting staffing levels.

    Absolutely their right, but I literally don’t want to hear a single teacher complain about the state of quarantine if they didn’t get the vaccine.

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