Unsung Heroes of the Pandemic: Mary Moss

Mary Moss, the inspiration for the Unsung Hero graphic above.

Over the next several weeks, Lapeer Community Schools will pay tribute to many of the Unsung Heroes of the Pandemic. These are the employees who have been singled out by their colleagues for going above and beyond the call of duty to ensure we could keep our schools open for face-to-face instruction. Each Unsung Hero will receive a gift certificate courtesy of our friends at Meijer in Lapeer.

Over the last year, no one in the District has taken or made more uncomfortable phone calls than Mary Moss. “Hi, this is Mary Moss…” are words no parent wants to hear in the midst of the Pandemic. These days, it generally means your student was a close contact of a positive COVID case and won’t be going to school for a while — and it’s Mary’s job to process much of the paperwork that accompanies it.

At the height of the Pandemic, it was an overwhelming amount of work. The calls were unrelenting. Often, it fell to Mary to be the one to reassure distraught parents that everything was going to be OK.

“I remember overhearing her say, ‘at some point this week, I need to get back to my real job,” one colleague recalled. “Some weeks it didn’t happen, and that work didn’t magically disappear.”

Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent and Board of Education is her real job, for the record. During the Pandemic, her position was transformed when It was determined that COVID-19 positive case and quaratine information for students would be housed at the Administration Building, rather than at each school’s main office. This meant that the volume of phone calls to and from her desk went from high to ridiculously high — almost as high as the stacks of paperwork on her desk.

While things have tapered off in recent weeks, the running total of quarantines in the District since October is almost 1,700.

“For a long period of time, it was COVID and little else for Mary,” said another colleague. “She had the county health department on speed dial. She was in constant contact with our building principals and secretaries, morning, noon and night.

Even though the entire scope of her work changed, her level of service to the District remained the same. On behalf of the entire district, we thank Mary for her commitment to customer service and incredible effort helping us navigate a very challenging time for our school community.

You rock, Mary!

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