Unsung Heroes of the Pandemic: Terry Roberts

Terry Roberts, Lapeer High School

Over the next several weeks, Lapeer Community Schools will pay tribute to many of the Unsung Heroes of the Pandemic. These are the employees who have been singled out by their colleagues for going above and beyond the call of duty to ensure we could keep our schools open for face-to-face instruction. Each Unsung Hero will receive a gift certificate courtesy of our friends at Meijer in Lapeer.

For many students, the hardest part of the Pandemic can be boiled down to a single word: Remote. The word itself connotes distance, disconnection and, in this context, physical separation from people who are incredibly important to their daily lives. In our school district, many teachers have gone out of their way to ensure students who needed it the most had face-to-face interaction in the midst of our remote learning periods.

Terry Roberts, a special teacher in the Lapeer High School CI Program, “seamlessly kept her program going” even during the most difficult parts of the Pandemic, according to one of her colleagues. She knew her students desperately needed it.

“She’s a rock star,” said another colleague. “She has worked to coordinate and ensure the needs of the CI program are met day in and day out … she goes above and beyond to support families in meeting the needs of their children.”

Terry created multiple schedules and adjustments to ensure the students were appropriately supported in the program and the general education setting, whether remote or face to face. She was also intentional about utilizing the strengths of her paraprofessionals in order to meet the diverse needs of her students. She knew that, in these times, her kids needed the support more than ever.

“Terry showcases the true virtues of an educator by way of patience, compassion, and a genuine belief that each student she works with will graduate to be an independent, successful member of the community,” another colleague said.

For her perseverance in the midst of challenging times, and unwavering support for her students, we are grateful to Terry Roberts, one of the Unsung Heroes of the Pandemic.

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