LCS 6-12 Remote Learning Plan

For students who were enrolled in face to face instruction for the 2020-2021 school year and required to begin remote learning on November 18, students will continue to receive access to on-line instruction five days a week that will be presented virtually.  Instruction will continue to be delivered by LCS teachers, presenting the curriculum and content through daily lessons and activities through Google Classroom, Zoom and/or Google Meet discussions to support students throughout the week.    

A few highlights of what students can expect are:

  • Have contact with their current LCS Teacher(s) multiple times each week, beginning November 18, 2020.
    • Refer to the Student Schedule for days of the week and times students will be Zooming and working remotely in Google Classroom.
  • Continue to work on their current LCS courses and content at a similar pace as traditional face-to-face instruction to ensure completion of an entire year of curriculum.
  • Receive teacher support with assessments, such as quizzes and tests
  • Receive feedback, grades, and credit-bearing course for the work they have submitted and completed while working remotely.  Students will have an Educational Development Plan (EDP).
  • Receive Special Education and ELL Programs and Services by LCS special education providers and staff.
  • Receive Intervention supports by LCS teachers and staff. 

Additional Information:  Please contact your building if you are in need of technology and/or internet access availability. 

6-12 student schedule

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