Survey: Lapeer County Broadband Committee Needs Input

From the Lapeer County Broadband Committee: The LCBC conducting surveys of local residents, businesses and other organizations across Lapeer county. Responses to these surveys will help us better under­stand the existing resources and capabilities we now have to support the access, adoption and use of broad­band technology in our homes and businesses. Following this assessment, we’ll develop action plans and projects to ef­fectively improve our broadband environment.

Your participation in taking the appropriate broadband survey and overall sup­port of our efforts are very im­portant in developing an accu­rate assessment of broadband availability and related needs in Lapeer County. To take the survey as a resident, a busi­ness owner or a designated representative of another com­munity organization please click on the image below. Thank you in advance for your participation and help in completing these surveys.

Quentin Bishop
Executive Director, Lapeer Development Corporation

Click here to take the survey:

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