Tips for Troubleshooting Log-ins for Google Classroom

Good afternoon LCS families,

We understand, as with any change, that there have been a few difficulties in getting your students back into their Google accounts after the resets that took place Sunday evening.  Please know that we only reset passwords for 6-12 students, not elementary students.  

Below are a few tips you could try before reaching out to us for further assistance:

1.) When typing in the temporary password for 6-12 or regular password for K-5, please pay attention to capitalization. The L in Lightning##### for example in the temporary password needs to be capitalized for 6-12 students (reminder: ##### is your five-digit student ID). 

2.) In addition, the ‘l’ in “lapeer” for elementary students is lowercase.

3.)  Please verify the e-mail address.  Your student’s email address is NOT your PowerSchool account.  The e-mail address should be your students first name first initial, last name and then graduation year.  For example, John Doe graduating in 2022 would be  

4.)  Please note that the Google accounts for your students should read with students being plural, not singular.

5.)  If prompted to create a new password, please make sure the password is at least 8 characters long including letters, and at least one number and symbol.

If you are still experiencing difficulties accessing your student’s account, please contact the office at your student’s school and they can assist you.

Thank you,

Technology Services

Lapeer Community Schools

Oakland Schools Field Services

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