The Comeback: What to Expect in the First Week of School

The following is a message for parents from LCS Superintendent Matt Wandrie:

Parents —

As we move closer to the start of the 2020-21 school year, we wanted to send you additional information regarding the first week of school, starting September 8. As you can imagine, we learned a lot in the spring when we had to quickly transition to full-time virtual learning due to the COVID-19 outbreak in our state. As we approach our interim period of virtual learning, we want to ensure students and parents are prepared and supported to begin the school year with a positive mindset.

To accomplish this, we will use the first week of school (September 8-11) for on-boarding of students. 

Here’s a breakdown of what that week will look like:

  • All buildings will be open during normal school hours
  • All students will be assigned a day to report to school in person based on their last name. It would be a normal school start and end time (example: Turrill, 8:44 a.m. until 3:44 p.m.) This means we would not have more than 25% of our students in a building at a time. (See information above)
  • Students will receive virtual learning information, procedures, expectations, course materials, access to technology, logins, etc.
  • Students will have the opportunity to establish a relationship with their teacher
  • On days in which students do not report, they will complete coursework in Google Classroom (no Zoom sessions in first week)
  • Transportation and food service will be provided

Full-time virtual learning will begin for all students on September 14 (including Zoom sessions) from 8 a.m. until 3 p.m. each school day. The District will make accommodations for students who do not have adequate access to technology during this time.

During on-boarding week, all requirements under the Phase 4 Return to School Roadmap will be in force, including those related to masks and frequent of our schools. Further, extra-curricular activities will be allowed based on local and staff guidance (including the MHSAA for athletics). 

As a reminder, the goal for the District remains undeterred: We want to return our students back to the classroom. Because of this, everything we do in the next five weeks will be focused on giving students the best possible experience online while preparing for a return to face-to-face instruction. 

We will have more information regarding our phased-in return to the classroom in the coming weeks. As always, feel free to contact the administrative office or your building principal for more information. 

We are looking forward to an exciting 2020-21 school year!


Matt Wandrie – Superintendent

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46 thoughts on “The Comeback: What to Expect in the First Week of School

  1. Okay so what about the parking pass that you charged full price will any of that be returned if this keeps going and what about the money that is in for there lunches will that be returned if not used up?

  2. Does this mean that my son, last name begin with B (other son, K) that they are to report for school only on the 8th and then do class from home the rest of the time until Oct 1? Or does this mean they’re in school face to face on their designated day? I am very confused.

    1. They are only required to report to school not their designated day. From that point, they would work remotely until we return to face-to-face instruction.

  3. How being a single mother is my child who is 6 going to sit on a computer for 7 hours. Should I quit my job?????? Please explain this to me.

  4. Also there is no first grade class list….? Also confused by the question above. They report every week on Thier designated day? Or only 1 time? What accommodations are made for the kids who don’t have internet or can not be online during school hours because of working parents? If there will be kids in the school for these instances then how do we sign up for that?

  5. So what time do students report to school sept 8-11?
    Is there google classroom work sept 8-11 that needs to be completed?
    As we move forward Sept 14 students will be on their computers 8-3pm daily mon -fri?

      1. If my child doesn’t recieve his log in/ password, books to google classroom till fri sept 11, how does he get his homework for the first week sept 8-11? Or is he suppose to do a weeks worth of work during the weekend?

    1. In the “what to expect” section it says “Transportation and food service will be provided.”

  6. LCS: Please clarify. The communications put out by Lapeer Community Schools leaves a little something to be desired.
    1) Is the parent open house still on for this Thursday?
    2) On our child’s designated start date, will there be busing and how long will the child be at the school?
    3) If the buses are running, when will we get the bus route schedules and bus stop assignments?
    4) After our child’s designated start date (Lets say September 9th) what are those children doing until October 14th? Are they required to log in or are they waiting until the 14th?
    5) How do you expect a 1st grader to sit on a zoom meeting from 8am – 3pm? Homeschooling guidelines state that a child only needs 2-3 hours of actual instruction time. For younger children, why wouldn’t the school consider possibly two shorter zoom sessions (an hour each or so) and have worksheets, reading assignments and such to complete during the day?

  7. Can you just pick up the kids curriculum instead of sending them to school for the one day on their scheduled day?

  8. Why isn’t on boarding the week of the 31? You delay a week and then it’s just for orientation? Seriously. How constructive do you expect a multi children house hold to be? 5 th 4th and 2nd grade? With a 3 year old also? You expect them to be on from 8-3? This is piss poor planning. And should have been sorted out LONG before. School was canceled in March!! You really needed another 2 weeks to finalize an all virtual start?

  9. If our high school students are attending Ed Tech are the coming in at the scheduled time or the time they would attend after Ed Tech? Or will they be attending Ed Tech at this time?

  10. What about parents who have limited Internet access? I.e. no WiFi and no tablet. Who can we contact for help in this department ? Thank you

  11. How are students who don’t have class till Friday going to be able to get the assignment from tue,wed,and thurs.

  12. Is this New, my understanding was Face to face was cancelled until October, and Lapeer was doing online until October, now your saying ” show up to school on the day it says( the schedule and time goes by the first letter of your last name) so Does my child go to school on said day, and the rest of the time is online at home, please tell me WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON, OR DOES LCS NOT KNOW EITHER? EXPLAIN PLEASE

    1. We are asking students to return for one day during the week of September 8 in order to get acclimated to the online environment and expectations. From that point, they will be full-time virtual until October 5.

  13. I choose to start my daughter in the virtual learning program that you offer, does this apply to her or is this for the students that were going back to face to face learning?

  14. I have a student in ECSE who is 3 yrs old and in ABA at CMH. Are there any different accommodations for these students? Are you telling me that he will only get virtual training for one hour a week like it was for the final weeks of school last year? No thank you.

  15. I totally understand the virtual option if parents believe thats the best option for their situation. But please tell me why all kids have to do the virtual learning at 1st? This just keeps the door open to never offer person to person education. How are working parents supposed to accomplish this? Especially when you have multiple kids in 1 household and only 1 computer with poor internet at best? Why doesn’t lapeer start out with person to person and virtual options just like neighboring schools, as was originally planned? Please also explain how the 1st virtual month is going to be when you have 2 working parents??? Explain this in detail, you havent answered this yet..

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