The Comeback: Extension of Mask Requirement

We have received hundreds of e-mails and phone calls over the last two weeks regarding our Return to School plan. This feedback has been instrumental in the creation of our plan, and continues to sharpen our focus as move closer to our goal of returning students to in-person instruction on August 31.

With that in mind, I wanted to update you on a change to our plan at the elementary level. Due in large part to feedback we received from our elementary teaching staff, we have decided to extend our mask requirement to the E5K-5 level. Mask-wearing in the classroom at the E5K-5 level is not a requirement in the Governor’s Return to School Roadmap, but it is a strongly recommended practice that is further encouraged in guidance from the Lapeer County Health Department. 

In sum, on August 31, all students in grades E5K-12 must wear masks at all times while in school, except while eating. There remain exceptions for students and staff who cannot medically tolerate a mask (those individuals must provide a note from a physician to that effect). 

Please understand that this change, like many of the decisions we have made in recent weeks, was made in order to help us achieve our goal.

We will keep continue to keep you informed of any changes as we move forward.


Matt Wandrie – LCS Superintendent

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8 thoughts on “The Comeback: Extension of Mask Requirement

  1. If a student or teacher cannot tolerate a mask for medical reasons will they be asked or be forced to attend school virtually? If not has the district set aside other space for teachers and kids who cannot wear masks so they can teach and or be taught without putting themselves or others at risk?

  2. Why are we even starting back in school and not starting out online? Wearing a mask all day for both staff and students is not feasible. Wearing a mask and social distancing is what we are going back to teach our children, curriculum will take a second seat.

  3. My name is Steven Burns. Former Band Director at Lapeer West High School. I cannot believe , with all of the science that is being presented, that Lapeer Community Schools is planning to open August 31st. You are putting thousands of students and hundreds of staff’s lives at risk. The expectation that students will wear masks properly and social distance appropriately is naive and absurd. I hope you (administration) are prepared to visit the home of the first child that dies because of this irresponsible decision.
    Safety outweighs all other factors!!

  4. I can not fathom how ANYONE expects kids that are anywhere from 5-10 yrs old to keep a mask on all day! I also can’t believe the virtual options that are being presented. I have 5 children there has to be better options for kids and teachers

  5. I totally disagree. I am a registered nurse and I have been working in a COVID-19 positive environment all along. I can tell you from experience that there is a way to be safe during this pandemic. I believe that it is time to transition slowly back to normalcy and judging from my experience if we all follow the recommended guidelines then we will stay safe. Children are much less affected than the elderly with this virus. I am not willing to hide at home for the rest of my life, are you? Virtual learning is not an option for my 4 and 5 year old daughters. I think lapeer community schools is doing a great job amidst this complicated situation.

  6. I’ve put a mask on my child once and only once. The look on his face made me feel Ill inside. Every fiber of my being screaming “this is wrong” . I cannot see that look on my child’s face everyday I see him off to school. I wont. I refuse. Homeschooling it is.

    1. Yes, I am sad that I have to uneroll my very social son from the first grade because Lapeer has chosen to mandate masks. Pretty sad when even our strict Governor wasn’t making that mandatory if they were in the classroom for elementary students. Wearing a mask on the playground is a terrible idea. Kids are going to take each other’s masks off just like they do with hats, mittens and so forth. If a child is trying to yell help for any reason, it is going to muffled and there is no way of seeing the lips or even a true expression on a child’s face. Tragic.

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