Retiree Tribute: Dennis King is ‘not your every day custodian’

Dennis King and his wife, Denise.

Written by Scott Warren

Dennis King is not just an every day custodian! 

He is  “…as sweet a soul as ever was blessed, a gentleman who loved his job and carries a heart the size of his head within his chest.” (Waking Ned Devin referee)

Dennis was a loyal custodian who maintained, enhanced and spread sunshine throughout our building.

He somehow managed to navigate spills, boogers, vomit and who knows what else to keep our school squeaky clean. Dennis built a positive rapport with staff, students and parents. He was always there to provide support, whether it was clearing our sidewalks after a blizzard, cleaning up after a sick child, or preparing our school for an event or countless other activities that aided our school community.

Dennis was ALWAYS there to reach out with a helping hand. Many nights he put in extra hours volunteering to lead or help with school activities (“B-14”) just to make a difference in students’ lives. 

His hard work and dedication was appreciated and noticed by staff, parents, and students alike.  Many first time visitors comment on the cleanliness of our school as they were guided through our hallways. It goes beyond cleaning though.  The relationships he made along the way will continue long after retirement because of the impact he had on other people’s lives. 

Dennis always went above and beyond.

We will miss you, Dennis!

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