Retiree Tribute: Lisa Madden has a ‘Passion for Mindfulness and Wellness’

Lisa Madden

Written by Katie Jordan

Lisa Madden found her way to education after she nobly served in the United States Army from 1984-1989. You would be hard-pressed to find a challenge in education that Lisa hasn’t taken on. Her early years were spent in the classroom Up North, in Suttons Bay. She served at both the Lapeer and Genesee ISDs after finally landing back at Lapeer Community Schools where she would finish out her career in education.                                                                                                                       

Lisa has mentored new teachers, supervised coaches and served as a learning coach herself. Staff and students alike are honored to have worked with her. Her creative, intellectual, compassionate mindset has helped to move other educators to greater heights. Her leadership helped to reshape the way we do professional development (PD) in Lapeer.  Lab classrooms came to Lapeer because of Lisa.  In fact, if you Google “lab classrooms,” an article published by ASCD is the first hit — written by Lisa Madden (Houk).  Her work helped shape the district-wide shift to reading and writing workshop, with year-long elementary professors, PD support with a shift away from a basal series, and management of all the materials that come along with teaching in the workshop model. 

Lisa has a passion for mindfulness and wellness that can be seen not only in the classroom setting, but also in her Lapeer-based Yoga Studio. She is an advocate for student, teacher and family wellness training. Lisa continues to learn and grow as she has formulated many community-based relationships with key mindfulness partners. Her experiences were then transferred directly into her teaching family. 

We are extremely heartbroken to be losing such a talented educator. That said, we are confident that we will see Lisa in and around Lapeer, offering her expertise and continuing to help the community grow in mindfulness and positivity.

We wish you all the best, Lisa! 

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4 thoughts on “Retiree Tribute: Lisa Madden has a ‘Passion for Mindfulness and Wellness’

  1. Sister, you are AMAZING. Congratulations. You are most deserved. You will ROCK the future. ❤️

  2. Cousin! You did it! Congrats girl. What a beautiful place you have carved out in the world.
    Julie Braden

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