Retiree Tribute: Debbie Daley an ‘Incredibly Caring, Top-Notch Educator’

Debbie Daley

Written by Kasie Allen

After having her three children, Debbie decided to go back to college and become a devoted teacher, consistently providing high-quality experiences for her students. She enjoyed her time in the District, as it allowed her to raise her family while working alongside her own children’s teachers.

Debbie Daley spent the last two decades of her nearly 29-year career with Lapeer Community Schools teaching first grade.

Debbie has taken great pleasure watching her students grow up — even having some of her former students’ children in her classroom. She places great value in the many relationships that she has established over the years and still keeps in touch with many of her students and their families.

Debbie is a an incredibly-caring, top-notch educator. The District has been lucky to have her. We wish Debbie, her husband Kevin, and the entire family the best as she enters retirement.

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3 thoughts on “Retiree Tribute: Debbie Daley an ‘Incredibly Caring, Top-Notch Educator’

  1. Debbie, although I have not known you all that long, just knowing you the “little bit” that I have, your exude a kindness like no other. I am certain you are going to be missed very much. Rest assured the children you taught all these years, will remember, not only the “school lessons” you presented to them on a daily basis, but every “life lesson” you practiced along the way. May God Bless you as you walk a ne path in your journey through life.

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