Parent letter: January 9, 2020

Parents —

We want to notify you that the District was made aware of a rumor of a potential weapon on a transfer bus from LHS this afternoon. Local law enforcement promptly investigated the claim and concluded it was unfounded. Making unfounded claims of this nature will not be tolerated. The District will deal with the students responsible to ensure they understand the seriousness of making unfounded claims. 

We want to assure you the safety and security of our students and staff is our highest priority. We have taken all the steps necessary to ensure a safe and secure environment. As a District, we will continue to coordinate efforts with local law enforcement to ensure the safety of our school and community.

We ask that you respect those involved by refraining from disseminating unsubstantiated information through social media or any other outlet. 


Matt Wandrie – Superintendent

Bolt Blog

One thought on “Parent letter: January 9, 2020

  1. When the District deals with the students responsible to ensure they understand the seriousness of making unfounded claims, I hope they are considering the fact that given today’s climate students lives may be in danger if they take the time to substantiate what they thought they saw or felt may have been true.

    I know it is a very serious issue and this has to be addressed but everyone of us, adults and and students alike, are operating under the clouds of fear and worry.

    I say this only in response to the information disseminated in this letter. I realize that there may be facts that the district did not share. I just want to specify that sometimes things are not so cut and dry.

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