LHS Science Olympiad teams bring home 50 medals at Mott competition

Kira Jonatzke, Connie Moore, and Carter Enright pictured at the Region V Science Olympiad competition at Mott Community College

On Saturday, March 23, the Lapeer High School Science Olympiad team competed at the Region V Science Olympiad competition at Mott Community College in Flint, Michigan. This is the first year the program has had two teams compete in division C (high school division). Both teams did very well and brought home a combined total of 50 medals. LHS’s primary team came in third place at the competition.

The top four region V division C teams move on to the Michigan Science Olympiad at Michigan State University in East Lansing on Saturday, April 27.

(back row from left) Zach Jasper, Tom Tunison, Ben Schultz, Isaac Francis, Carter Enright, Zoe Bommarito
(front row from left) Madison Barber, Callista Jones, Isabella Brennan, Kira Jonatzke, Connie Moore, Kiara Jones, Angel Reames


Anatomy and Physiology

2nd– Kira Jonatzke and CarterEnright

2nd(alt) – Calli Jones and Madison Goretski


4th(alt) – Ben Schultz, Maddie Barber, and (Keegan White)

Chem Lab 

         3rd–Zach Jasper and Isaac Francis


         1st– Kelly Barker, Max Somerville, and Connie Moore

Disease Detectives

         1st– Trinity Mersmann and Bella Brennan

         4th(alt)– Calli Jones and Maddie Barber

Designer Genes

         4th– Bella Brennan and Connie Moore

Fermi Questions

         3rd– Tom Tunison and Isaac Francis

Mission Possible

         1st– Ben Schultz and Kiara Jones

Protein Modeling

         2nd– Kira Jonatzke, Carter Enright and Connie Moore

Sounds of Music

         2nd– Trinity Mersmann and Ben Schultz

Source Code

         3rd– Max Somerville and Kiara Jones

         4th(alt)– Angel Reames and Amber Barker


         3rd– Ben Schultz and Zach Jasper

Wright Stuff 

         3rd– Ben Schultz and Dominic White

         4th(alt)– Keegan White and Maddie Barber

Results from the Region V Science Olympiad Competition held at Mott Community College in Flint on Saturday, March 23.

3rd Place Primary Team 

  • Kelly Barker 12
  • Zach Jasper 12
  • Kiara Jones 12
  • Trinity Mersmann 12
  • Isabella Brennan 11
  • Isaac Francis 11
  • Ben Schultz 11
  • Maxwell Somerville 11
  • Tom Tunison 11
  • Dominic White 11
  • Carter Enright 10
  • Kira Jonatzke 10
  • Connie Moore 10

Alternate Team

  • Bella Banowski 12
  • Madison Barber 11
  • Izzie Ferguson 11
  • Keegan White 11
  • Amber Barker 10
  • Zoe Bommarito 10
  • Rylee Frericks 10
  • Madison Goretski 10
  • Christian Huyghe 10
  • Callista Jones 10
  • Angel Reames 9
Kiara Jones, Mrs. Kent (coach) and Callista Jones
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