Rolland-Warner promotes literacy with popular YA Café

YA cafe 3-1
At least 120 students packed the Rolland-Warner Media Center on Thursday morning for the YA Café, funded by the school’s PTC. 

From Darlene Gannon:

Thursday morning the Rolland-Warner service learning class and book club hosted the first YA Café of the year generously funded by the school’s PTC. More than 120 students gathered in the media center before school to hear sixth grade math teacher, Rebecca Johnson, give a book talk on Dan Poblocki’s book, Ghost of Graylock.

While students were enjoying chocolate milk and donuts, Ms. Johnson was eagerly waiting to make her grand entrance as Nurse Janet, a character of the book.  As Nurse Janet made an appearance, students silenced in anticipation to hear what she had to say.  Students were given a special summary of the book, an excerpt from the book was read, and suggestions of read like a detective clues were given to use while enjoying the book. After we didn’t think things could get any more exciting, five books were raffled off to students.  In addition, the book club purchased five books for students to check out.  When the school bell rang, kids filed out of the media center talking about books!

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