Four middle school students will lay wreath at Tomb of the Unknown Soldier next month

On Wednesday, November 5, Lapeer 8th graders Ethan Lily, James Scott, Autumn Locke, and Ashley Hoeft will be taking part in the wreath laying at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery. The event is scripted and very precise in detail. The Relief Commander at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier will lead the wreath bearers to assist in the placing of the wreath to the sound “Taps.” The group will move forward with the wreath and the Commander will give the command of “Present Arms.” All military personnel in uniform will render the hand salute and civilians will place their right hand over the heart. These are the same procedures followed by elected officials when they participate in honoring the fallen.

To be selected to represent Lapeer in the ceremony, the students wrote an essay on the following topic:

Write an essay addressing why participating in this ceremony was important “to you, to all of us as Americans, and to our Country.”

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