Rolland-Warner Middle School announces Outstanding Citizenship Award winners

PBIS collageRolland-Warner Middle School was proud to recognize the following students on April 21 for outstanding citizenship. These students display the characteristics of pride, ambition, cooperation and kindness on a daily basis promoting a positive school climate making Rolland-Warner a great place to teach and learn.

For displaying outstanding citizenship throughout the first semester of the 2013-2014 school year these student where awarded the brand new Lapeer Lightning Outstanding Citizenship string backpack. Mrs. Taylor and Mr. West encourage all students to keep up the good work and continue to be positive leaders within the school and community. Rolland-Warner administration looks forward to awarding even more students for outstanding citizenship in the future.

Rolland-Warner Outstanding Citizens

Eighth Grade

Paul Kirschner
William Kirschner
Elizabeth Kroll
Kennith Lueck
Kyle Martindale
Carson Moore
Joseph Schultz
Chandler Sheatzley
Katherine Walker
Elise Whittaker

Seventh Grade

Jessica Aalbertsberg
Mackenzie Andrews
Isabella Banowski
Sydney Bridges
Kimberly Curry
Taya Fisher
Joshua Hundt
Hayley Jackson
Ethan Lilly
Rose Ly
Grant Masterson
Lindsey McNulty
Kristie Mosher
Paige Mullaney
Brianna Opalewski
Leah Ridenour
James Scott
Aurorah Stephen
Emma Tompkins

Sixth Grade

Taylor Aguinaga
Carmyn Barber
Ireland Betzold
Rylee Brown
Hannah Clark
Amina Dada
Taran Desai
Audra Dewitte
Hannah Erla
Kyli Evans
Delanee Germonprez
Mackenzie Giddings
Haylee Greene
Summer Jeffrey
Rebecca Kanthook
Rachel Kroll
Camdyn Labelle
Kameron Lubonski
Alexis Mallett
Miranda Marra
Ava Mroz
Robert Opalewski
Andrew Przekora
Benjamin Schultz
Blair Smith
Veronica Staley
Brooklyn Stone
Marissa Vittone
Victoria Ward
Dominic White

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