Mayfield Elementary Data and Game Night draws 150

data and game night1From Lisa Pasek, Learning Coach at Mayfield Elementary:

Did you know that playing games can build interpersonal skills like sharing, dealing with conflict, and good sportsmanship, as well as create a sense of accomplishment— not to mention increase reasoning and problem solving skills?

We were thrilled to host nearly 150 people for our Data and Game Night on April 15. During the “Dinner and Data” portion of the evening, Mr. Goetz provided information on the various assessments and how parents can interpret both the data about their own children as well as how Mayfield is doing as a building! Families had some really thoughtful questions about the MAPS and MEAP data to better understand these “snapshots” of their children’s progress.

During Game Time, it was great to listen to the laughter and the conversations and to see the families enjoying some real quality family time! Door prizes drawings were done every 20 minutes for McDonald’s certificates and movie tickets and, at the end of the evening, every family left with games to enjoy at home!

We want to THANK everyone who was able to make it to Data and Game Night! It was truly heartwarming to see the families having fun, making some great memories, and building deeper relationships with each other, as well as with us, as a Mayfield family!

Thanks to everyone who attended. A good time was had by all!

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