Thank you Home Depot for helping family in need

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 2.34.06 PMLate last week, a family in need in our school district was helped by the quick-thinking of a staff member and the generosity of a local business. On Friday, Zemmer Middle School CI teacher Lisa Yderstad went to Home Depot in search of a washing machine for a family that had fallen on hard times. Their son has had multiple hospital stays and the parents haven’t been able to work.

Yderstad asked a Home Depot sales associate if there was something that they could do to help the family. The associate, Mary Lou Ballinger, relayed the information to a store manager (Jessica Browning) who called Yderstad back to let her know that they could purchase a brand new washer for only $100.

The surprise didn’t end there.

“I was floored,” Yderstad said. “When I went back to Home Depot to purchase the washer later that evening, I was told by Steve Schwartz (manager) that Mike Abdelheck (head store manager) had said that the washer would only cost me $50, the amount that we had raised from donations.  Again, I was completely blown away.”

Browning stayed late to get all the details as well as delivery/installation coordinated, also at no cost.

“Home Depot is an amazing corporation that doesn’t forget about the individuals in our town and shows that they are willing to go above and beyond for those in need,” Yderstad said.

Thank you to the following Home Depot employees for going above the call of duty to help one of our families:

Jessica Browning
Steve Schwartz
Mike Abdelheck
Mary Lou Ballinger
Jennifer Wagner

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