Rolland-Warner Middle School robotics team qualifies for state championship

The R-W Robotics Team - Mechanical Mayhem.
The R-W Robotics Team – Mechanical Mayhem.

Rolland-Warner Middle School’s First Tech Challenge (FTC) robotics team, Mechanical Mayhem, won regionals in the alliance division last weekend and will compete at the state championship at Marshall Middle School December 20-21.

FTC competitions engage students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), academic disciplines that are at the forefront of the 21st century economy.

According to the program’s website, FTC is about “teaching students the value of hard work, innovation and creativity. It goes beyond competition by teaching teenagers the importance of working together, sharing ideas and treating each other with respect and dignity.”

Congratulations are in order for the following students and their coaches/mentors:

Grade Student Name
6 Ben Schultz
6 Dawson Peskey
6 Dylan Deangelis
6 Kyle Martin
6 Sam Knop
6 Tom Tunison
7 Carter Cerny
7 Gabrielle Malson
7 Hayley Jackson
7 Logan Gordert
7 Paige Mullaney
8 Jordan Hyde
8 Kole Klebba
Kyle Martindale
Lindsey Malson

Mentors for Team: Austin Mullaney from East High School; Brain Sarratt recent graduate from West; Dan Jackson, Dad; and Jennifer and Steve Malson.

To everyone involved: Awesome job! Keep it up!

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3 thoughts on “Rolland-Warner Middle School robotics team qualifies for state championship

  1. Is this program going to continue when the schools combine? I have a 5th grader who will be interested in this program next year. How do I find out more about it? Thank you!

  2. FTC Robotics needs to be an elective class and not an after school activity. This STEM program is the first step to many successful careers for these students.

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