Sturgeon in the Classroom program through DNR comes to Lapeer

County Press photo
County Press photo

On Sunday, the Lapeer County Press published a great story about an exciting new experience for students at Rolland-Warner Middle School, an outgrowth of its popular Salmon in the Classroom program. Special thanks are due to Jacob Hunsanger for his coverage of this program. Thanks Jacob!

From Lapeer County Press:

LAPEER — There’s a brand new resident at Rolland- Warner Middle School, and he’s likely to see generations of students come and go in his lifetime. The lake sturgeon, who arrived at the school on Thursday, is only one of eight in the state of Michigan to go to a school for educational purposes.

Able to live more than 100 years, the fish should be around a very long time at the school if fed and treated properly. Right now, the young fish is only about 10 inches long, but much later in its life it could easily reach between 10- 20 feet long.

Teachers Mike Wiltse and Chris Prill were ecstatic on Thursday to finally see the fish arrive. Wiltse said it has been a long process for the school to obtain the fish and the excitement of its arrival went from administrators and teachers down to the students.

Read the full story in the November 10th edition of the County Press.

Check out Sturgeon in the Classroom online.

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