What’s up with the non-homestead millage renewal?

lcs new logoOn November 5, 2013, voters within the boundaries of Lapeer Community Schools will be asked to vote on a proposal to renew the long-standing millage levied on non-homestead property (industrial, commercial, business, rental and second homes) for a time frame of five years (2014-2018).

This proposal does not affect the taxes of owner-occupied primary residences.  For the average homeowner who does not own a business, rental property, summer home, etc., the millage renewal will come at no cost.

“Essentially, this ballot proposal is asking the constituency to vote on taxes that the business community is required to pay under state law,” said Kevin Rose, LCS Assistant Superintendent of Business and Finance. “It’s part of the State Constitution and without the business’ tax, the State of Michigan would reduce our funding by millions of dollars per school year.”

In the coming weeks, Lapeer Community Schools will make every effort to inform voters on the consequences of approval and non-approval of the proposed renewal.

Check out this Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) documents for more information.

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