LCS adopts Springboard English curricula for grades 6-10

A letter from Ron Reed, Executive Director of Secondary Education:

This fall, LCS is adopting the College Board’s Springboard English curricula for students in grades 6-10 who aspire to take our rigorous Advanced Placement (AP) English courses at the 11-12 grade level. Likewise, we are implementing Springboard for our year-round middle school program in English.

SpringBoard is the foundational instructional component of the College Board’s College Readiness System™ and is used in over 1,000 schools across the nation by more than one million students. The College Board developed SpringBoard as a college readiness program for all students in grades 6–12 in English Language, Arts, and Mathematics, based on the rigorous College Board Standards for College Success™. Written by teachers for teachers, SpringBoard is a research-based progSpringboardram that is well aligned to the Common Core State Standards and was recently highly recommended by Phi Delta Kappa International as a program of exceptional quality.  I encourage you to review the College Board’s website for Springboard at:

Similar to the AP English courses, the Springboard sections at grades 6th through 10th are there for those students and families who are looking for more rigor in their experience.  LCS is using its data from ACT, Explore, MAPs, PLAN, and local recommendations to invite selected students to participate in this experience.   Even though LCS has selected students for these classes from our data, these classes ARE open for any student who wants to still take on the challenge.  If you are interested, please contact your counselor.

With the enrollment in the course, LCS highly recommends that the student purchases the Springboard textbook, which costs $20.  The text is best used when the student can highlight and annotate the text – similar to those important skills necessary for college reading.   While LCS has texts for each student, he/she will not be able to annotate or write in the text without purchase.  Likewise, the text has a value beyond just this year – as it truly is a resource your son/daughter will use through his/her English experience – including college.

Again, for more information on enrolling in SpringBoard, contact your child’s counselor.  For more information on the program, you can speak with your son or daughter’s principal or me.

Ron Reed
Executive Director of Secondary Education
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