Paid lunch prices to increase due to federal mandate

lcs new logoIn 2010, Congress passed a new law for America’s schools, the Healthy, Hungry Free Act, which has affected school lunch menus as well as the price families must pay for these lunches. A section of the Federal law mandates that all school districts across America must review their paid lunch prices annually compared to the federal lunch reimbursement. The goal being that eventually the average “paid lunch price” (charged by the school district) will be equal to the federal free reimbursement rate.

In the past two years, Lapeer Community Schools has made small price increases to move closer to the Federal mandated level. Paid lunch prices have increased again for the 2013-2014 school year by 25 cents to comply with federal law. The majority of school districts that surround Lapeer have also raised their lunch prices for the same reason. With this increase, Lapeer Community Schools is very optimistic we can avoid raising paid lunch prices next year and potentially the year after while still complying with this mandate.

This fall we will continue to offer free breakfast to all students and continue to eliminate the .40¢ paid charge for reduced qualified lunches.

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