Bullseye: Rolland-Warner’s first archery tournament a huge success

Eighth grade archers Curtis Taylor and Alexis Felton will have their named etched into this trophy after the earned top honors at their school's first archery tournament on Thursday.
Eighth grade archers Curtis Taylor and Alexis Felton will have their names etched into the trophy after they earned top honors at their school’s first archery tournament on Thursday.

Rolland-Warner Middle School held its first archery tournament Thursday evening, experienced a great turnout and gave a bunch of young people something to remember for a lifetime.

“I never thought our students and parents would fill two-thirds of the cafeteria to participate in and watch an archery tournament,” said Lapeer Outdoor Club Director Mike Wiltse. “There were 30 archers with over 150 family members on hand to watch.”

Wiltse said the tournament would not have been possible without a great many staff members and friends including:

Rich Brinker, Jill Thomas, Chris Ewald, Barb Bennett, Maja Burris, Ben Brusie, Dave Peasley, Anne Prill, Annette Price, Melissa Campbell and Tony Strump.

The sponsors for the tournament were Blend Yogurt, Buffalo Wild Wings, Dairy Queen, Arby’s, Elba Corners and Trillium NCG.  Every student who entered received an envelope with gift cards from the sponsors in excess of $13.  The names below earned a medal while the top archers in the school, eighth graders Alexis Felton and Curtis Taylor, also received a trophy and will have their name placed on a large trophy to be displayed in our showcase.

We would also like to thank Whitetails Unlimited, Lapeer Chapter, and Jeremy Keefer, who has sponsored the Archery Club with a two-year total of $7,000. We appreciate your support!


6th  grade Boys

  1.  Jake McGeary
  2.  Tyler Holman
  3. Josh, Hundt

6th grade Girls

  1. Emmalee McCormack
  2. Grace Turner
  3. Sara Tirpak

7th grade Boys

  1.  Jordan McDaniel
  2. Nick Rosario
  3. Thomas Richards

7th grade Girls

  1.  Madelyn Taormina
  2. Breana Nolan
  3. Izzy

8th grade Boys

  1.  Curtis Taylor
  2. Jacob Bundt
  3. Nick Fifield

8th grade Girls

  1.  Alexis Felton
  2. Lindsey Malson
  3. Tiffany Lampier
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