LCS to solicit community input on new high school colors, mascot

lcs new logoIn the coming weeks, students, staff and community members will have the opportunity to weigh in on an issue that has created a lot of buzz in the community: Selecting school colors and mascot for the new Lapeer High School, starting in September 2014.

On Tuesday night, Lapeer Community Schools’ Secondary Planning Oversight Committee, made up of a diverse group from the school community, laid the groundwork for the process that will involve the entire community.

“From the start, we wanted this process to be an exciting way to get the community thinking about its future together,” said Lapeer Community Schools Superintendent Matt Wandrie. “This is one facet of the overall transition that we can have fun with, cultivate a little creativity in the community and get the ball rolling on one Lapeer.”

One major component of the process will be an online community survey that will provide the committee with suggestions that it will share with the Superintendent and Board of Education. The survey will go live on May 13 at and will remain on the site through May 24. The survey is open to anyone in the community and can only be taken once.

It is anticipated that a public announcement of the decision will be made during the last week of school.

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7 thoughts on “LCS to solicit community input on new high school colors, mascot

  1. The high school has to go back to the colors of BLUE & GOLD and mascot is Panthers.

  2. The original Lapeer High school colors were Blue and Gold.
    I say go back to the Originals.
    West kids are losing the school, at the very least let them keep the colors. And mascot.

  3. My husband as well as all of his aunts and uncles went to Lapeer High school. My children graduated from Lapeer West. I entered the picture right after they opened Lapeer East.This family believes that Lapeer high school should remain blue and gold and the panthers. You had a good thing going before the two schools, why change it when you go back to one school. Go LHS !!! Go blue and gold!

  4. i can agree with you but it should be a brand new mascot and colors even though the original was that. East has been here for almost 40 years so it wont be far to them even if its in there school. West is still going to be opened for things so its not like they dont have an opportunity to go there!!!

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