New Aktion Club featured in Sunday’s Lapeer County Press

One of our community’s most influential civic groups is once again reaching out to lend a hand. Please check out Sunday’s Lapeer County Press for a great feature on the new Aktion Club of the Kiwanis Club of Lapeer.

Here’s an excerpt from Lapeer County Press:

Friday afternoon at the former Maple Grove Elementary building, which houses the Community Instruction Program, students were joined by members of the Lapeer Kiwanis Club to formally welcome the newest Lapeer Aktion Club, named Independence in Aktion.

Sponsored by the Kiwanis Club, the Aktion Club is formed by local people with disabilities who want to work and give back to the community. Recognizing that people with disabilities have just as much to do with a community as anyone else, the Kiwanis Club happily sponsors Aktion Clubs, which work as their own service organization in the area.

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