39 LCS students to participate in Michigan Future Problem Solving Program at MSU

This weekend, April 13 and 14, 39 LCS students will be participating in the Michigan Future Problem Solving Program’s State Bowl at Michigan State University. The experience is made possible for these students by funds reserved for the District’s Talented and Gifted Program (TAG).

Since September, these students have been meeting once a week learning the FPS process and studying the issues of Celebrity, Robotics, and Mega Cities so that they could earn the right to go to MSU and compete against some of the brightest students in the state.

On Saturday they will wake up early so that they can fill out an 11-page booklet about a future scene based on research about Ocean Soup (massive plastic collections floating in the oceans). They will identify the challenges in the future scene, decide on a main problem, solve that problem, evaluate their best solutions, and create an action plan from it.  It is a lot of work and takes some very nice thinking skills to accomplish.  In the afternoon, the teams will create a presentation about the action plan and present it to other teams and their parents.

Good luck to all our students!

Zemmer Junior Teams (5th and 6th graders):

Heather Crutchfield Nicole Watson Emma Trisch Myrna Walters
Aryanna Thompson Randi Bray Kasey Deschler
Lane Parsons Benjamin Tidrick Connor Chin Joe Strayhorn
Zachary Jasper Porter Hughes Ryan Kurschat
Allison Woolner Rylee Brown Camdyn LaBelle Ethan Boyns

Rolland Warner Junior Teams (5th and 6th graders):

Vanessa Sheatzley Ireland Betzold Miranda Marra Gabrielle Polzin
Amina Dada Rachel Kroll Shane Williams Michael Muston
Dylan Ayers Troy Lemieux Richard Wisenbaugh
Krystal Gates Jamie Greenley Victoria Ward Trinity Mersmann

Middle team (7-9th graders):

Meghan Miller Arial Hyde Nathan Jasper Pierce Logan


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