March 21: LCS Board of Education meeting to be held at Zemmer Middle School

LAPEER, Michigan — The Lapeer Community Schools Board of Education meeting scheduled for March 21, 2013, has been moved to the Cafetorium at Zemmer Middle School.

The Board is scheduled to vote on the Secondary Education proposal at its regular meeting on March 21.

Key components of the plan include: High school consolidation, flexible student scheduling, increased access to academic rigor and the long-term plan to offset revenue declines stemming from lower enrollment.

Zemmer Middle School is located at 1920 W. Oregon Road in Lapeer. The meeting begins at 7 p.m.

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7 thoughts on “March 21: LCS Board of Education meeting to be held at Zemmer Middle School

  1. I have two questions for the district. Why did we vote and pass a sinking fund approx. 5 to 7 yrs ago to fix up the bldgs around the district and now we are going, or have closed some buildings, that the money was used to remodel them? For example Seaton, And now Lapeer West, any many more.

    2nd Why a are we taking are kids on a field trip to watch a movie that involves kids killing other kids? And now they are going to show this same movie at a school dance. The movie? Hunger Games. Has anybody watched that movie? Seriously! And they wonder why there is violence and bullying in the schools today.

    1. 1. Because the community did not know what was going on.
      2 Because the school did not know what was going on.

      1. Just FYI, you will no longer be able to post on here as “Jamie” or “Jeanette” or “Andrew” as long as you continue to create fake personas on this site and on Facebook to push your agenda.

        Just go ahead and put your name on it. I know who you are; please stop playing pretend. You have a point of view, and that’s fine, but don’t be deceitful.

        Jared Field
        LCS Communications

  2. Jared why do you care if jamie or whoever keeps posting things on this site. I have read every blog/posting and i am amazed by your inability to only respond to anyone else. My husband posted a reasonable question and he has not received a response. You have continually responded to this other person and not to people that are concerned about the future of the school district. This makes me feel that whatever “Jamie” is saying throughout is true because only a person that is defensive would act the way you have toward some of the people on the website.

    1. He did post a reasonable question. The answer can be found online, I’m certain. I can answer questions about this school district, but I’m not the go-to person for questions about school districts across the state.

      If what “Jamie” is posting is true, why would he feel the need to use fake names and e-mail addresses? If it’s true, wouldn’t you stand behind it with your real name?

    2. Since the closure of my kids school several years ago, (Attica), I have made it my goal to get more informed on district issues. There are lots of reasons why we are where we are. Unfortunately, some feel the need to post things that are not actual facts. As a parent, there are many opportunities available to get involved from Parent Advisory Committees in the various buildings, to the task forces currently working. I have a stash of 2 milk crate deep of FOIA information that is actual facts. Anyone wishing to get info from the district on particular information need only to contact the district and ask. As someone who has been involved with this district for almost 2 decades, and been very critical in the past, I have found Mr. Wandrie and his staff (Jared included) to be forthcoming on any issues that I have needed info on. He is cleaning up a mess that he certainly did not create.

  3. I have two children in the district. One attending Murphy elementary and the other attending Rolland Warner. I appreciate the district being extra cautious when we have had threats of violence and/or slippery road conditions. Do we have information as to when the new last date of school might be due to these school cancellations? Also could you let me know the guidelines on attendance on those days as we already have a family vacation/reunion planned including plane reservations? Thank you!

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