Zemmer Drama Club to present Shakespeare Goes to Gravel Gulch

The little town of Gravel Gulch in the Arizona Territory is in for a real treat when the Noble Hart’s Shakespearean Show Troupe comes to town! A traveling group of Shakespearean actors is moving from town to town performing different Shakespearean shows, and everyone is town is excited to see the big performance! Except one very influential member of Gravel Gulch, Miss Abigail Pettigrew, who also happens to own every building in town. Miss Pettigrew is destined to not allow the traveling show troupe to perform within the city. However, this small town is in for a real treat when another show troupe from Paris comes to town. These ladies are training to be living, breathing mannequins! With all these new visitors in town they are not aware of a couple of criminals who are looking for some newly mined gold that is hidden away in the town’s bank!

Come enjoy this fun family event and learn how this town will end up with two show troupes, criminals, Texas Rangers and all around funny characters! This event is open to children of all ages and size, so come back in time to the Old West and experience a taste of Shakespeare!

Shakespeare Goes to Gravel Gulch runs November 16-18 at Zemmer Middle School, 1920 Oregon Road, Lapeer, MI 48446. Show times are 7:30 pm for Friday and Saturday and 2:30 pm on Sunday. Tickets are $5 General Admission. Tickets are a first come first serve, there are no reservations. Any questions please call (810) 667-2413.



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