Sixth graders at Zemmer enjoy first monthly demo day

Mrs. Benson gives students a close-up of one of several experiments during demo day on Wednesday at Zemmer Middle School.

Sixth graders at Zemmer Middle School enjoyed the first of what will be monthly Demo Days aimed at injecting some fun into science learning. Students from Mrs. Benson’s class joined with students from Mr. Lothrop’s class for an exciting lesson about the phases of matter and sublimation.

Mrs. Benson used dry ice and glow sticks to make her demonstrations come to life. Mr. Lothrop made some “elephant toothpaste” using hydrogen peroxide and yeast, which resolved into little more than your run-of-the-mill dish soap.

For upcoming demo days, students will have to earn their way in. Mrs. Benson explained to the classes that students must complete all the work, come to class on time and show respect for others to be eligible for the monthly demo days.

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