LCS Board of Education approves bargaining agreements

The Lapeer Community Schools Board of Education approved three master agreements on Thursday, July 12, at its annual organizational meeting held at the Administration & Services Center. The agreements were recently ratified by the Lapeer Transportation Association, the Lapeer School District Administrators’ Association and the Lapeer Educational Support Personnel.

The Board has now approved master agreements with six of the District’s seven bargaining units. The agreements include an 8.7 percent wage reduction to reconcile the District’s remaining budget deficit without dipping into fund equity.

LCS Superintendent Matt Wandrie said the agreements send a strong message about shared sacrifice for the future of the District.

“We are very pleased with the timeliness of these settlements, given the difficulty of the task they were charged with,” Wandrie said. “The fact that management and labor were able to work together for the benefit of the District is something we can all be proud of.”

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