‘It takes a village’: RWMS students learn about African cultures

Dr. Stephen Uche, a University of Phoenix professor from Nigeria, recently spoke to the seventh graders at Rolland-Warner about diversity and acceptance of one another regardless of differences.

Dr. Stephen Uche, a University of Phoenix professor from a small village in Nigeria, spoke recently to RWMS seventh graders about the many cultures of Africa, its people and history. The goal of the African-based cultural diversity program is to help educate children as well as teachers with first-hand information about the continent. It includes an introduction to the history, culture, and geography of Africa, and an orientation to daily living experience in an African village.

Topics of interest include school life, dance, story-telling, tropical foods, and African artifacts – baskets, carvings, hand-woven fabrics, musical instruments and other cultural paraphernalia. Most of the artifacts that he displayed were directly acquired from the people who made them, while the stories were handed down from his parents, grand-parents, and other elders in his village.

Dr. Uche says: “The authenticity of these items and the program itself represent the child of my village that I am!”

Thank you Dr. Uche for a great presentation! Also, a big thanks to Felicia Jackowski, RWMS Social Studies teacher, for bringing this together.

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