Energy Essentials: Lights out, computers off at ASC

In an effort to make a habit out of doing the little things that make a big difference when we’re all on board, some staff members at the Administration & Services Center (ASC) have started a new trend: on sunny days, the business office lights are off and the shades are wide open.

Making use of natural light is a great way to save energy. If you are fortunate enough to have big windows, let the light shine in — it’s easier on the eyes and our bottom line.

Another thing I noticed the other day is just as simple and equally effective. Our print shop here at ASC does not get used every day; knowing this, one of our staff members suggested that the computer in the print shop (typically this machine runs all the time) should be turned off after each use. Now there’s a sign in the room reminding users to shut it down when it is not in use.

Again, these are small things that, put together, can have an impact on our District’s energy footprint.

Please let me know what your building is doing to keep energy conservation front and center. I would like to highlight something from every building in the coming weeks.

— Jared Field

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