ASC restructuring continues trend of streamlining staffing

Over the course of the last several months, the leadership team of Lapeer Community Schools has been engaged in a community-based process that ultimately will shape the future of the District. The challenges that we face as a school community aren’t altogether different than those facing districts across the state; our response to these challenges, however, will be a reflection of what has made our school district great for generations.

While many of the processes and solutions that will dictate the district’s trajectory in the future are new, one significant component has remained constant. Over the course of the last five years, Lapeer Community Schools has consistently adapted the structure of district services to fall in line with the twin challenges of declining enrollment and revenue.

To say that the District believes in shared sacrifice is not empty rhetoric: According to Bulletin 1014 published by the Michigan Department of Education, Lapeer Community Schools is among the least “top-heavy” districts in the state of Michigan.

“It’s clear that our District has a history of identifying and achieving efficiencies from the top down, and that’s not going to change,” said Matt Wandrie, LCS Superintendent. “In order to lead by example, we cannot be insulated from the sacrifices necessary to put the District on a track that is both innovative and sustainable.”

For the upcoming 2012-13 school year, the administrative structure will again reflect decreases in staffing. Specifically, the current three administrative positions in the Department of Instruction will be eliminated and, in their place, two new positions have been posted (see vacancy notices on Human Resources page). This new decrease coupled with the consistent scaling down of administrative positions has lowered overall ASC administrative staffing by 36 percent since 2006.

This new administrative structure will be impacted by the retirement of Craig Gerard, longtime Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources, who will enter retirement on August 1, 2012, after more than 20 years of service in this capacity. This Assistant Superintendent position will be eliminated. The responsibilities fulfilled by Mr. Gerard will be handled by Kim Seifferly who will fill the Executive Director of Human Resources position after serving as Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction, one of the three eliminated positions referenced previously, for seven years. S

The total estimated savings associated with planned restructuring in the Administration & Services Center is between $66,000 – $100,000.

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